Wednesday – 28 September – 20:30 – 21:40


Tibor Cári (ROM) – piano

Ilko Gradev (BUL) – accordion 

Carmen Păulescu (ROM) – violin 

J. Attila Szabó (ROM) – violoncello

Ștefan Cascaval (ROM) – contrabass


Invited : Attila Dolhai (HUN) – voice, Krisztina Koszorus (ROM) – voice 


The Tango Orchestra’s concert is a complex musical event. It encompasses original tangos signed by composer Cári Tibor and written for film and theatre. Theatre music, colour, tango and passion. Ingredients meant to carry us into a universe where music and emotion create and tell stories. Ingredients meant to carry us into the tempting universe of tango, with all that it entails.

Thusday – 29 September – 20:45 – 22:00

  • András Párniczky – guitar
  • Péter Bede – saxophone
  • Péter Ajtai – double bass
  • György Jeszenszky – drums


Nigun is the only jazz band in Europe whose music has its origins in Eastern European Jewish traditions. Their music blends together a tradition replete with spiritual energy and modern jazz. Ningun has always transcended genre limits, with them thinking along lines best described as “Klez-jazz”, yet their music is equally defined by creativity and the magic of spontaneous moments on stage. The band has been a guest artist in many European countries and has also performed overseas in New York and Washington.

Sunday 2 October 20:00 – 21:30


Hobo László Földes – voice and prose 

István Gál – drums, percussion 

Attila György – bass guitar 

Csanád Igali – keyboard, voice 

Zoltán Kiss – guitars, drums