The 29th ALTER-NATIVE is over

Between 29 September – 3 October 2021, HDYU organized the 29th edition of the ALTER-NATIVE International Short Film Festival, Romania’s oldest event of its kind.

The events were held at the Palace of Culture, University of Arts, B6 Studio, Studio Theater and the Gemma Book Café, in Târgu Mureş, Romania.

The short film program featured 40 short films from 21 countries (25 animations, 11 short films, 2 experimental films and 2 documentaries). In addition to the six-block competition program, the audience was able to watch 11 feature films and 2 documentaries:

Cecília Felméri: Spiral (HUN/ROM)

István Szabó: Final Report (HUN)

Balázs Krasznahorkai: Ravine (HUN/ROM)

Péter Gothár: Seven Small Coincidences (HUN)

Radu Jude: Bad Luck Banging or Loony Porn (ROM/LUX/CZE/HRV)

Gábor Herendi: Toxikoma (HUN)

Dénes Nagy: Natural Light (HUN/FRA/GER/LVA)

Radu Muntean: Întregalde (ROM)

Lili Horvát: Preparations to be Together for an Unknown Period of Time – (HUN)

Tudor Cristian Jurgiu: They May Still Be Alive Today (ROM/GRC)

Lucian Pintilie: The Oak (4K restored version) (ROM/FRA)

Barna László: Hands of God (HUN)

Mario Damolin: Carpathian Karma (GER)


The audience was also able to attend to the following 4 concerts during the five-day tour:

A CT Project – Ten (ROM) – The concert featured the Theatre Critics’ Award composer and pianist Cári Tibor along with four actors from the Timișoara Hungarian Theatre: Borbély B. Emília, Magyari Etelka, Molnos András Csaba, Kiss Attila. The orchestra was complemented by Szabó J. Attila (cello) and the Grazioso Quartett.

Byron (ROM) – presented rock music inspired by various influences

Kassák-Projekt (HUN) – presented selected poems by Hungarian poet Lajos Kassák

Földes László Hobo (HUN) – performed songs from the Hunting and Hiding decameron records.

Two theatrical performances also enriched this years edition.

– The Main Hall of the Palace of Culture also housed Andrej Kurejcsik’s readers theater drama Insulted, translated and directed by Éva Patkó, performed by the students of the University of the Arts with the participation of the Euphony Pedagogical Choir;

– a play based on Attila Bódi’s novel I Wanted to Rebel with You was performed at the Studio Theater. The work was applied to the stage by Olga Barabás, directed by Aba Sebestyén, and performed by the actors of the Yorick Studio;

The B5 Studio hosted an exhibition of young Romanian artists Future Perfect #4 from Robert Bajenaru, Raluca Croitoru, Megan Dominescu, Alexandra Ivanciu, Anastasia Jurescu, Nicoleta Moise, Adriana Preda, Ioana Vreme Moser. Curators: Mona Vătămanu and Florin Tudor.

The organizers of the festival would like to thank the supporters, volunteers, partners and, last but not least, the participants of the event, who gave meaning to their efforts.