Lost Paradise 2021-2023

In Search of Paradise 2023


Opening: Friday – 3 November – 18:00


Venue: B5 Studio


Bartha József’s installation project works with symbolically charged objects in a poetic universe. This world is constructed through a dream-like logic: objects meet in strange visions, but their political allusions hit us in the gut.


Lost Paradise

The Molotov cocktail is fetishised or tamed into a form of decoration; dictatorship, though it may be present on many levels, is seamlessly integrated into the fabric of life, indecipherable to the citizens’ naked eye. In the material of the exhibition, political content dissolves into static and dead images: those of the surreal day-to-day and of past revolts, brimming with nostalgia.


In Search of Paradise

It is an object manifestation of the collective imaginary of the present, fragmented and reassembled according to new, as yet unrecognised models… Nostalgia is a recurring element, whether it appears in the handcrafted coloured glass vases or surprises us in the presence of cut pine trees. It seems that even space takes on the character of dreams: we are locked inside and out at the same time. And among the multiple and complex dynamics of power hang the bones of ideals – of beings created with care, by the vibrations of the spirit and the workmanship of the mind.


Kata Ungvári-Zrínyi