HD 45.

Saturday – 4 November – 16:15 – 17:15


Translated by Éva Patkó

Musical conductors: Péter Máthé și Vivien Kiss

Dramaturg: Zsolt Láng

Project coordinator: Roland Kelemen

Costumes: Katalin Mihály

Foto, video: István Kovács

Poster: Anna Balázs-Bécsi

Organizers: Mária Albert și Róbert Csaba Szabó

Directed by Éva Patkó

Cast: András Hatházi, Monica Ristea

and: Hanna Beáta Balogh, Anna Boldizsár, Ádám Elabassy, Sára Gyárfás-Moisii, Borbála Győrfi, Amália Kiss, Maja Kulcsár, Sophie Tanka, students of the National Art High School Tg-Mureș.


At the rehearsal I closed my eyes. I was curios where is the light. The one that can be seen in the darkness. In Vania`s soul? In Elena`s? I was sitting in the auditorium with my eyes closed and suddenly I understood something. While these two throw words at each other, every word, even the refusing ones, even the ones that burn like a slap on the face are the response of love.

This truth came to light in the darkness. With a bright shining light.


Zsolt Láng

Sunday – 5 November – 16:10 – 17:10

Concert performance to the poems of János Lackfi


Performed by Aba Sebestyén

Composer/Pianist: Tibor Cári

Cellist: Attila J. Szabó

Texts compiled by: Olga Barabás

Directed by Aba Sebestyén


Lélekfitnesz (A Spiritual Workout), the latest performance from Yorick Studio, is a theatrical performance in song and prose, composed from the works of contemporary writer and poet János Lackfi – a musical soirée: playfully, through poetry and music, we ask question about the meaning of our lives.