Thusday – 2 November – 20:30 – 21:30


Written and performed by: Hobo László Földes; Accompanied on the guitar by: Zoltán Kiss


“Everything used to happen in the street. We would loaf around out there for about twenty years as little kids, then as full-fledged vagrants. Around 1955, there used to be an old man on Moscow Square, then – after they ran him off – at Vérmező park near Déli station who performed, and made everyone call him Rex. (We didn’t know back then that it meant ‘King’). He would sing proudly, and before his feet lay not a hat, but a military cap from Word War I. He had pain and sorrow in his eyes even when he smiled. I liked the number Snejder Fáni the best, because he would always wink at me at the last verse. I had no idea what a ‘gigerli’ [fop] was, never mind what ‘exciting’ anyone meant, but I thought they must be someone quite interesting, at any rate. I would watch old Rex many-many times that summer, who got so used to seeing me that sometimes would tell me, ‘I’ll be at Batthyány Square tomorrow’. By autumn, he disappeared from there, too, and no matter how much I looked for him, I never found him again. I was ten years old, and it was really the first concert I’d ever experienced. This is what I’ll remember when I stand in front of you today.”

Respectfully yours,


Friday – 3 November – 20:15 – 21:15


Dl Dani – vocals, keyboard, guitar

Dl Horea – vocals, keyboard, saxophone, percussion

Dl Andrei – vocals, guitar

Dl Cosminel – 2nd guitar

Dl Laur – vocals, bass

Dl T – drums


The band launched in spring 2017. The style of music adopted is a fusion of pop, rock, blues and authentic Romanian music. Considered one of the most eclectic projects on the Romanian music market, Dl. Goe (named after the eponymous literary character) stands out both for the unique collaborations throughout their career as well as for combining theatrical and musical art in their shows and recordings. This comes as no surprise considering that the band’s lineup includes 3 actors, 2 theatre music composers and a film director. In 2019 they released their debut album, Tineri, Sâmbătă, Duminică, which mixes radio drama with songs about the coming-of-age of a young Goe. Since 2023, the film they made for their album, Fata Morgana has been integrated into an original show where music meets cinematography.

Sunday – 5 November – 19:45


József Lebanov – trumpet

Domonkos Berkó – clarinet, alto sax, tenor sax

Zsolt Bera – trombone

Tamás Ittzés – piano, violin, Stroh violin, vocals

Csaba Hegedüs – banjo, guitar

József Török – tuba, upright bass

Krisztián Gulyás-Szabó – drums


They should be prescribed for half of this neurotic world.” (László Matisz, Gramofon)

Bohém Ragtime Jazz Band is probably the most versatile jazz band in the world. The seven members play thirteen instruments, and they play all possible styles within the classic jazz form. They have performed at almost all major traditional jazz festivals in the world, from Berlin to Oslo, from Dresden to Breda, from Pori to Montreux, from Ascona to Bude and from Rimini to Sacramento. Since their formation in 1985, they have released 27 albums. In 2003, they received the eMeRTon award as “Jazz Ensemble of the Year”, and in 2010 they won the Prima Award. Their 25th, 30th and 35th anniversary concerts were held at the Palace of Arts in Budapest. The band hosts two of the most important classic jazz festivals in Hungary, the International Bohém Ragtime & Jazz Festival and the JAZZ CAPITAL festival.