About the jury

Producer Illés Gabriella (HUN) and film director Monica Stan (ROM) accepted our invitation to participate in the jury.

Illés Gabriella is the producer of The Game Creator (2016), az Álomutazó (musical-fairy tale, 2017), and Toxikoma (feature film directed by Gábor Herendi, 2021) and founder of TulipánTündér (Tulip Fairy) Produkció in 2013.

Monica Stan known for Marussia (co-writer, participant Berlinale Generation 2013), Coureur (co-writer, participant IFF Rotterdam 2019), and shorts: Down the Rabbit Hole (writer, 2009), Mina (writer, 2011), Feel Sad for the Bunny (writer, 2015). She debuted as a director with the feature film Imaculat co-directed with George Chiper-Lillemark.