Additional programmes - Exhibitons / Theatre

Wednesday – 29 September – 19:15–20:15


by Andrei Kureichyk

Reading performance

Directed and translated by: Éva Patkó; Dramaturge: Roland Kelemen

Cast: Edina Bajkó, Ibolya Farkas, Andrea Fincziski, Kata Milla Kovács e.h., Réka Steckbauer Hanzi e.h., Imre-István Strausz, Teodóra Szederjesi e.h., Izabella Zsigmond-Magyari

With the participation of the Eufónia Teachers’ Choir

Andrei Kureichyk’s drama shows the first month of the Belarusian protests erupting in August 2020, at which the author also took part until he was forced to leave his homeland. We see those favoured and mistreated by the existing regime who have somehow become actively involved in the eruption of the series of protests. What and how much are we willing to sacrifice for those we love, and in the end, what will we do for love? These are the questions that suffuse the play and animate the characters.

Friday – 1 October – 19:00 Studio Theater, University of Arts

I Wanted to Rebel with You

by: Attila Bódi; Adapted for the stage by: Olga Barabás

Director: Aba Sebestyén, Music: Tibor Cári, Csaba Szász; Set design and costumes: Beáta Sós; Assistant Director: Vanda Talán e.h.

Cast: Csaba László, Aba Sebestyén, Csaba Szász

In the final weeks of the Ceaușescu-regime, revolting against the privation they experience, three boys who are about to take their final exams start anti-establishment activities. Their motivations are completely different, but their initial successes spur them on. Thirty years later, at a high-school reunion, they must confront the very real consequences of their deeds.

Future Perfect #4

Young Romanian Artists’ Exhibition 1–21 October

Venue: B5 Sudio 5 Bolyai squareOpening: 1 October – 19:00 

Artists: Robert Bajenaru, Raluca Croitoru, Megan Dominescu, Alexandra Ivanciu & Anastasia Jurescu, Nicoleta Moise, Adriana Preda, Ioana Vreme Moser

Curators: Mona Vătămanu & Florin Tudor

Videonight 5 - Chill Zone

Venue: 5 Bolyai square – courtyard 1 October – 22:00 2 October – 22:30 

Book launch

Éva Farkas Wellmann: Magaddá rendeződni

Thusday – 30 September – 18:45

The book, made up of five cycles and published in 2020 is the poetess’s third, and according to some, most accomplished volume of poems; it reflects the process of maturing undergone by a middle-aged author.

Saturday – 2 October – 11:00

Venue: Gemma Book Café Bolyai str. 10 

From cinema tent to TV tower

The book, published with the subheading Chapters from the history of Romanian filmmaking, TV and cinema is centred around the most important moments in the history of Hungarian filmmaking in Romania, and, by means of well-documented studies, seeks to answer what Hungarian film in Romania is, or if there even is such a thing. The collection of studies encompasses the chapters of Hungarian filmmaking in Romania from the great international successes of the silent film era to the 1989 regime change.

The Unknown Uránia

The richly illustrated monograph of the Uránia National Film Theatre written by several contributors was recently published with the title The Unknown Uránia – Chapters from the History of a Film Theatre. The volume, which is the result of several years of research and preparation, offers to the readers the 122 years long intricate history of the institution – initially the Scientific Theatre, then movie theatre, now the National Film Theatre – housed by the 125 years old Rimanóczy House built in Moorish-Oriental style The book will be presented by editor Zsófia Buglya and Botond Elekes, director of the Uránia National Film Theatre. 


Filmmaking workshop with director Ábel Visky

28.09. – 03.10. – University of Arts

Playwriting workshop

Ofelia Screen

29.09. – 03.10. – Dramazone – str. Horea nr. 7

Who is Ofelia? Why should she get herself to a nunnery? What does the relationship between Ofelia and Hamlet mean to us today? Playwriting workshop based on fragments from film versions of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Act 3, Scene 1.

Invited playwrights: Elise Wilk, Székely Csaba

Workshop–coordinator: Albert Mária

Film critics’ workshop

29.09. – 03.10.

Participants will get an introduction to the theory and practice of film criticism under the guidance of theatre critic Kinga Boros and film critic Szabolcs Előd Németh. During the workshop they will produce short reviews about short-films and feature films selected from the program of the festival. The texts will be published on the blog of Látó Literary Magazine.

Workshop–coordinator: Albert Mária

Assisted by: Boros Kinga – theatre critic, Németh Szabolcs Előd – film critic

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