Additional programmes - concerts

Thusday – 30 September – 17:45

CT Project – Ten

The music featured at the CT Project – Ten concert is a revised and extended version of the soundtrack from the show 10 by Budapest’s Radnóti Theatre. In 2019, 10 received several accolades: it won the Theatre Critics’ Award, and Cári Tibor’s work won best music at POSZT. The concert will feature the composer as pianist and four actors from the Timișoara Hungarian Theatre: Borbély B. Emília, Magyari Etelka, Molnos András Csaba, Kiss Attila. The orchestra is complemented by Szabó J. Attila (cello) and the Grazioso Quartett. The actors and the poetess will also perform Farkas Wellmann Éva’s series of poems entitled Parancsolatok [Commandments].

Friday – 1 October – 20:00


Dan Byron – vocals, guitar, flute; Sergiu “6 fingers” Mitrofan – keyboards, guitar, vocals; Dan Georgescu – guitars; László Demeter – bass; Ovidiu Cristian – drums

byron play some sort of rock music since 2006, releasing 7 studio albums and 3 live DVDs in the meantime. Equally comfortable with loud amps or no amps at all, they filmed a gig in a salt mine (100m below) just to show they mean business, they composed the soundtrack for an HBO series in their home country and they played live as far as India. Expect a roller-coaster ride of feelings, seasoned with skillful keyboard solos, soaring flute melodies and ravaging vocal performances.

Saturday – 2 October – 18:00


Harcsa Veronika – voice; Keszég László – spoken word; Márkos Albert – cello; Pándi Balázs – percussion, Benkő Róbert – double bass

Four musicians and an actor take it upon themselves to feature selected poems by Lajos Kassák on a one-of-a-kind album. Their music is faithful to the attitude of the works by the poet known for his free verse. Among the arrangements are melodic structures composed in song form, free improvisations that follow the poems and conceptual, avant-garde tunes. A distinct feature of the project is that alongside actor László Keszég, the musicians themselves also recite poems, which brings to the forefront the performers’ personal and intimate experience of the poems.

This is not the first time that Veronika Harcsa has put poems to song; having come up with the concept, it was she who chose most of the poems. Albert Márkos is well-known as both theatre and film composer, and several of the musical adaptations in the show are his work. Balázs Pándi and Róbert Benkő are iconic figures in Hungarian free jazz. The line-up of the band is eclectic, and the resulting music does justice to Kassák’s tense and contradictory personality, as it does to the diversity of the poems, their underlying sentimentality and harshness.

Sunday – 3 October – 20:20

Földes László Hobo – voice and prose

With the participation of: Szilárd Büdi – voice;  István Gál – drums, percussion; Csanád Igali – keyboards, voice; Zoltán Kiss – guitars, drums; Csaba Pengő – bass guitar, double bass, voice

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