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Fine Arts Creative Youth Camp Irsai Zsolt – Paintings of the Last 25 Years

Wednesday, 6 November Venue: Bernady House (Horea str., 6)

Each year since 1995, we have organised the International Fine Arts Creative Youth Camp at Sovata, where high-school students attending fine arts everywhere can bolster their knowledge under the guidance of prominent Transylvanian artists. During the first seven years, the artistic coordinator of the camp was graphic artist Zrínyi Zsuzsa, and from 2003 until his passing in 2010, the artist Irsai Zsolt. As a tribute to him, the camp has borne his name since 2011. Beginning with the year 2012, participants have been working under the guidance of Csizmadia Imola, stage designer. The paintings that can be seen at the exhibition are the finest of the last 25 years.


Wednesday, 6 November Venues: B5 Studio, Minitremu Hall, the Orthodox Synagogue, K’arte Room

20 years after the ARTeast Foundation, the Duet(t) programme endeavours to reprise an older project made under the same name in 2003. It comprised, at the time, an exchange of experience between several Hungarian and Romanian curators which reviewed the then-contemporary art scenes in Romania and Hungary, in order that after a final selection made in Bucharest and Budapest, respectively, they would propose a series of exhibitions. In its renewed formula, Duet(t) (2019) is meant to be a symbolic continuation of the 2003 project as well as an interdisciplinary, intergenerational and interethnic dialogue between the above-mentioned duets.

The 4 locations used as exhibition spaces are B5 Studio, Minitremu Hall, the Orthodox Synagogue, and the K’arte Room. The exhibitions will travel to the Magma Gallery in Sfântu Gheorghe, as well as the Liget Gallery in Budapest in 2020.

Agamemnon’s Dog

Reading performance

by: Róbert Csaba Szabó, directed by: Patkó Éva

cast: Tibor Pálffy, Gedeon András, Balázs Varga, Klára Tompa, Katalin Berekméri, Előd Jancsó, Viktória Renczés

Alexis Nevraki, the wealthy citizen of Mycenae and the guardian of the fire that is supposed to signal the fall of Troy is accused of being blind. While, in the darkness that has fallen on him, he risks everything to prove the opposite, he learns to truly see. However, the sight of the truth – the spectre of war stretching over all ages – is unbearable for him and makes him realize that his unconditional devotion was a wasted and crooked virtue. The drama – which develops the one-page role of the Guard from Aeschylusț tragedy, Agamemnon, into an individual story – shows us how blind faith will eventually destroy its own idol.


Dance theatre performance

Director and choreographer: Macaveiu Blanka

Cast: Szabó Franciska, Pop George, Deák Orsolya, Ruszuly Ervin, Márton Emese, Colceriu Carmen, Demény Orsolya, Dávid Adrienn, Hodos Nikolett, Ábrám Zsuzsa

A true story serves as the inspiration for the show: Farida, an 18-year-old girl of the Yazidi tribe is taken to one of the Islamic State’s prisons in 2014. Due to her bravery and resilience, she eventually manages to break free from the horrors of captivity, although the moments of physical and psychological terror she had lived through change her life forever. The show seeks answers – from the victim’s perspective – to the question whether there is a way to erase the horrors of abuse and violence from one’s soul? Can the passing of time lead to the healing of wounds?

The show Farida doesn’t deviate from the original event, yet the religious and cultural context of the Yazidi tribe is placed into a universal framework – and therefore the issue of victimhood receives a present-day and generally valid relevance: such events happen often, and are creeping ever closer to us. The safety of times past is no more. Anyone can become a victim of another person’s abuses or violence. Farida is then the honest voice of the potential victim in all of us.

Macaveiu Blanka

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