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Tuesday – 5 November – 1900 – Small Hall

CentriFUGA Contemporary Music Workshop

Szőcs Márton – violin, Tornyai Péter – viola, Zétényi Tamás – cello, Szalai András – dulcimer, Horváth Bálint – piano Conductor: Kedves Csanád

CentriFUGA is a Contemporary Music Workshop based in Budapest, Hungary. Prior to formally establishing the group with a debut concert at FUGA on the 16th on February, 2014, there have been several joint projects of the founding members, Máté Balogh, Csanád Kedves, Péter Tornyai and Judit Rajk. Among CentriFUGA’s foremost goals are nourishing the contemporary music scene in Hungary, bringing together young and senior composers with performers and creative people. CentriFUGA’s workshop has it's doors open to anyone interested in the worlds of new music, with a mission to engage every young musician and artist open to contemporary art.

Wednesday – 6 November 1900-2030

Hobo’s Woodstock

Földes László Hobo – vocals

With the participation of: Gál István – drums, Igali Csanád – keyboards, Kiss Zoltán – guitar, Pengő Csaba – bass guitar, double bass

It’s been 50 years since Woodstock. That festival; that summer in 1969 was the peak of rock, with spirituality and music that could still have an effect on the world, and reflected the spirit and philosophy of an entire generation. From then on, this feeling would only become fainter, and music, more commercial, a process in which, incidentally, sixties’ stars also took part in, or still do today. Yet the generations that followed entered the genre under different social conditions and with different intentions, and although the popularity of music grew as further generations reached adulthood, the progressivity and spirituality of yesteryear began to ebb, and today – understandably so – are only present as nostalgia. Even if the greatest, such as Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Neil Young, Rolling Stones or the Who did not stray from the path. Tonight I would like to show the feelings, thoughts and music of the sixties, the ones which had set me on my path and which are still important for me today. So much so that I have translated them, and have been playing them continuously for decades.

Thursday – 7 November 2030 2200

I Was Born in a Storm

Földes László Hobo – vocals

With the participation of: Gál István – drums, Igali Csanád – keyboards, Kiss Zoltán – guitar, Pengő Csaba – bass guitar, double bass

At the end of March this year I played a difficult show at the Budapest Arena. I endeavoured to combine poetry and theatre as well as video sequences, also using documentary photographs in an attempt to emphasise the intention. The “outtakes” today are meant to represent instead the cheer and togetherness between people.

Friday – 8 November 1900 2000  Small Hall

Debussy soirée with Harcsa Veronika and Anastasia Razvalyaeva

Harcsa Veronika vocals

Anastasia Razvaliaeva harp

Multi-faceted singer Harcsa Veronika takes the stage alongside Anastasia Razvaliaeva, a harpist born in Russia and winner of the Junior Prima Prize. The two young musicians will perform lieder composed by Claude Debussy based on poems by Paul Verlaine and other poets in a novel and daring approach befitting the great composer. The artists show a new side of these well-known Debussy lieder through the ethereal sounds of the harp and “sotto voce”, a singing technique more akin to speech.

Friday – 8 November 1945 2045

CSOMA – Opera Cinematique


Szemző Tibor – narrator, Kéringer László – vocals, Gőz László – conches, bass trumpet, Regenye Zoltán – sound design

It has been exactly 200 years since, on 23 November 1819, Kőrösi Csoma Sándor (Alexander Csoma de Kőrös) set off from the Szeklerland to seek out the origins of Hungarians. Yet it is not only because of this that we consider Csoma significant; not only because during the 58 years of his life, he performed invaluable scientific work; but also because the quality of his character points to the singular greatness of man. On the occasion of this 200-year anniversary, we wish to pay tribute to his memory and his character with this movie concert, which follows his life and both his physical and spiritual journey, and is the stage version of the successful, multiple award-winning film, “A Guest of Life – Alexander Csoma de Kőrös” (

Saturday – November 9 – 1900 – Jazz&Blues Club

Midnight Buzz

Angelina Rudneva – vocals, Costi Popescu – drums, Tudor Asciu – bass, Lucian Brăgar – keyboards

The Braşov-based band, founded in December 2017, play new jazz, fusion and groove. They perform their own songs exclusively, alternating chill moments with energetic parts, always surprising their audience with the dynamics of their compositions.

Saturday – November 9 – 2000 – Beer House

Balázs Elemér Group

Horváth Cintia – vocals, Szakonyi Milán – vocals, Komjáti Áron – guitar, Balázs József – piano, Pecek Lakatos Krisztián – double bass, Czibere József – percussion, Balázs Elemér – drums

Balázs Elemér Group, one of the most popular bands in Hungary was founded by Balázs Elemér, a widely recognised jazz drummer both at home and internationally. The band, whose members are part of the Hungarian jazz elite, has achieved significant results at home since its inception (Fonogram Prize, 2005), and has also been featured at several prominent European jazz festivals (Vienna, London, Berlin, The Hague, Prague, Bratislava, Skopje). The Group has developed an exceptionally unique sound centred on melody and unconventional rhythms, made even more colourful by the intriguing contrast between the male and female vocals. Their music is extremely varied; they have a propensity for exploring the ethno genre, and draw inspiration from the most diverse musical cultures.

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