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Wednesday – November 7 –

Visionaries, Poets, Tramps

Földes László Hobo – voice

With the participation of: Gál István – drums, Igali Csanád – keyboards, Kiss Zoltán – guitar, Pengő Csaba – bass guitar, double bass 

The show is an attempt to find and highlight the connection between poetry and the lyrics in refined rock music. On one side, we have Villon, Ginsberg, Ady, József Attila, Faludy, Pilinszky and Csokonai Vitéz Mihály, and on the other, we try to bridge the gap with songs by Bob Dylan, Morrison, Vysotsky and Tom Waits.

Thursday – November 8 –

Hey, Magyar Joe!

Földes László Hobo – voice

With the participation of: Gál István – drums, Igali Csanád – keyboards, Kiss Zoltán – guitar, Pengő Csaba – bass guitar, double bass

The starting point of this show is the song Hey Joe, made famous by Jimi Hendrix. It is about the fatal mistake of a Hungarian everyman, committed by killing his wife, followed by his penance and his pangs of conscience.

The work will be released as a double album in October, and it will also premiere as a musical drama in November, at the National Theatre in Budapest.

Friday, November 9  –

Emeric Imre & Jimi Laco

Emeric Imre – electro acoustic guitar

Jimi Laco – electro acoustic guitar, bouzuki, violin

Emeric Imre is one of the most beloved folk singers, a profound artist with a poetic temper whose joy and sadness are shared with the public through his compositions. He was born in Cluj and inherited his love for music from his father. He rediscovers day after day the beauty and essence of life with sensitivity, partaking in the joys, the miracles and everything that it grants… Through his music, he offers to the public facets of life, with “the hope that the world will rediscover the beauty and essence of life lived in love and peace”.

Jimi Laco is one of the most appreciated instrumentalists in Romania. He was born in Cluj to a family of musicians. From 1994 until today, he has been playing with his band, Nightlosers, on major venues from all over Europe, equally proficient on the guitar, violin, bouzouki and other instruments. He has also done collaborations with Orient Expres, Adrian Berinde, Emeric Imre, and other well-known musical acts in the country.

Saturday – November 10  Jazz&Blues Club

Gyárfás–Premecz Organ Trio

Organ Grinder’s Suite

György Jeszenszky – drums

István Gyárfás – guitar

Mátyás Premecz – Hammond organ

There is a great void in the Hungarian jazz scene when it comes to the real guitar-Hammond sound. The movements of the musical piece entitled Organ Grinder’s Suite recall the style of jazz which began its journey of conquest around the world at the end of the 1950s and the beginning of the 1960s, and commemorate the most prominent, legendary representatives of the style.

The ten movements of the suite are closely linked, keeping the two dominant instruments in focus. The guitar and the Hammond complement each other, and while they are usually in harmony, they often talk softly, argue, and sometimes compete with one another; at times, one even seems to take control over the other. Eventually, they return to the starting point, where again there is harmony. Throughout all this, the swing pulsates like a slow, yet unstoppable river.

The Hammond parts are played by the young and talented Mátyás Premecz on the legendary B-3 Hammond organ. The drums are played by the accomplished György Jeszenszky, who is one of the most prominent representatives of this instrument in Hungary, and also teaches at the Drums Department of the Liszt Ferenc Music Academy. (István Gyárfás jazz guitarist)

István Gyárfás was awarded the title of “guitarist of the year” once more in 2018, being voted favourite guitar player by three categories on the audience, fellow musicians and music critics.

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