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László Nemes:SUNSET – Hungary/France, 2018 –142’                                           +16

Saturday10 November21:00  Main Hall

1913, Budapest, in the heart of Europe. The young Irisz Leiter arrives in the Hungarian capital with high hopes to work as a milliner at the legendary hat store that belonged to her late parents.

Cast: Juli Jakab, Vlad Ivanov, Evelin Dobos, Marcin Czarnik

Radu Jude: I DO NOT CARE IF WE GO DOWN IN HISTORY AS BARBARIANS – Romania/Cehia/France/Bulgaria/Germany, 2018 – 139’                                           +15

Saturday 10 November 18:00 – Main Hall

"I do not care if we go down in history as barbarians." These words, spoken in the Council of Ministers of the summer of 1941, started the ethnic cleansing on the Eastern Front. The film attempts to comment on this statement.

Cast: Ioana Iacob, Alexandru Dabija, Alex Bogdan, Ilinca Manolache, Șerban Pavlu, Ion Rizea

Márta Mészáros: AURORA BOREALIS – Hungary, 2017 – 104’                                  +16

Sunday11 November12:00 – Main Hall

“If you want to tell the truth, honesty is not enough.”

Aurora Borealis is a family story with plenty of twists taking place on two separate timelines. It analyses the relationship between a mother and a daughter in great depth.

Cast: Mari Törőcsik, Ildikó Tóth, Franciska Törőcsik, Antonio de la Torre, Jákob Ladányi, Eva Maria Prosek, József Wunderlich, Leslaw Zurek, Hary Prinz, György Cserhalmi

Radu Muntean: ALICE T. Romania/France/Sweden, 2018 105

Friday9 November 18 :15 – Main Hall

Alice Tarpan has, at 17, a complicated adolescence. It’s not only her problems at school, or that she doesn’t know who got her pregnant, but that her adoptive mother has also found out about her woes.

Cast: Andra Guți, Mihaela Sîrbu, Cristine Hămbășanu, Ela Ionescu, Bogdan Dumitrache

Vlad Zamfirescu: THE SECRET OF HAPPINESS Romania, 2018 89’            +15

Wednesday7 November 17:00 – Main Hall

One evening among friends, open to many potential opportunities, no matter how bizarre, Tom pushes his wife and his friend into situations beyond the absurd, wanting to unravel their well-guarded secrets. And so, the two friends discover that one's happiness is only possible through the unhappiness of others. For the resources of happiness are limited.

Cast: Vlad Zamfirescu, Irina Velcescu, Theo Marton, Ştefan Zamfirescu

András Jeles: SINISTER SHADOW – Hungary, 2018 – 94’                                  +16

Wednesday7 November 20:45 – Main Hall

The leading characters in this symbolic film are a young man with special abilities and his conservator-restorer father. The central motif is an emblematic work, The Ambassadors, painted by the Renaissance artist Hans Holbein the Younger.

Cast: Zsigmond Gerlóczi, Orsolya Török-Illyés, Györgyi Kari, Tibor Pálffy, Dalma Tenki

Gyula Nemes: ZERO – Hungary/Czech Republic/Germany, 2015 – 83’                     +16

Thursday 8 November 21:00 – Main Hall

The director of a honey bottling factory settles down in a forest as a bee-keeper. He falls in love with the daughter of the director of the mobile phone company. His bees get killed by a nearby mobile phone tower. They start attacking everything that might endanger the bees.

Cast: Krisztián Kovács, Martina Krátká, Udo Kier

Éva Gárdos: BUDAPEST NOIR – Hungary, 2017 – 95’                                         +16

Thursday – 8 November 22:15 – Main Hall

Gordon Zsigmond, a disillusioned criminal journalist is investigating the brutal murder of a young woman in Budapest of the 1930s.

Cast: Krisztián Kolovratnik, Réka Tenki, Tamás Fodor, János Kulka, Adél Kováts, Zsolt Anger, Kata Dobó, Franciska Törőcsik, Mari Nagy, Szabolcs Thuróczy,  Zoltán Mucsi

Árpád Bogdán: GENESIS Hungary, 2018 120’                                                 +16

Friday 9 November 20:00 – Small Hall

Genesis provides a dramatic depiction of sin, catharsis and rebirth. The story revolves around the fate of a young Roma boy whose childhood reaches a sudden and drastic end when he loses his family in a tragic and brutal attack.

Cast: Anna Marie Cseh, Milán Csordás, Enikő Anna Illési, Lídia Danis, Levente Molnár, Zsolt Kovács, Tamás Ravasz, István Szilvási, Szofi Berki

János Szász: THE BUTCHER, THE WHORE AND THE ONE EYED MAN Hungary, 2018 105’                                                                                                                  +18

Friday 9 November 22:00 – Main Hall

A tale of meat, amour and maniacal murder… 1925 saw a terrible scandal shake the city of Budapest. Ferenc Kudelka was slaughtered in his own abattoir, cut up, bundled into suitcases and carried through the city streets to be eventually dumped into the Danube.

Cast: Dorka Gryllus, Géza Hegedűs D., Zsolt Nagy

Bálint Révész: GRANNY PROJECT – Hungary/UK, 2018 – 89’                         +12

Saturday 10 November – 14:15 – Main Hall

Granny Project is a seven-year investigation of three young men coming to terms with their heritage through the extraordinary lives of their grandmothers.

Cast: Rosanne Colchester, Gudrun Dechamps, Révész Lívia, Meredith Colchester, Ruben Woodin-Dechamps, Bálint Révész

László Csuja: BLOSSOM VALLEY – Hungary, 2018 – 83’                                  +16

Saturday10 November – 16:15 – Main Hall

Bianka, bored in the housing estate, kidnaps a baby on a whim. Now she must find a home, but nobody will have her.

Cast: Bianka Berényi, László Réti, Károly Kozma, György Kardos, Róbert Kardos

Bálint Kenyeres: YESTERDAY – Hungary/France/Netherlands/Sweden/Germany/Morocco, 2017 – 118’                                                                                                                   +12

Sunday 11 November 14:25 – Main Hall

The central character, 50-year-old Victor Ganz owns a thriving construction and civil engineering company that operates worldwide. Some very costly problems on a building site in North Africa mean he has to go there.

Cast: Vlad Ivanov, Djemel Barek, Jacques Weber, Gamil Ratib, Johanna Ter Steege

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