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netWorks – group exhibition

OPENING: Thursday, 09.11.2017, 18:15 – VENUES: UAP Gallery, K'Arte Room

The exhibition entitled netWorks by the MAGMA Contemporary Medium is a selection of artworks by artists from Romania, Hungary and Slovenia based on and visualizing networks. The exhibition endeavours to present artworks and projects based on various kinds of networks, connection systems within a wider framework of interpretation. Most of us will probably think of the Internet in connection with networks, and more specifically, social networking sites, and there is one piece that does use the World Wide Web as a source; but most of the works are based on other kinds of networks. The exhibition includes Judit ANGEL’s interview with network researcher Albert-László BARABÁSI as well as “The Garden of Correspondence Art / Ray Johnson’s website project” from the archives of the ARTPOOL Art Research Centre in Budapest.

Artists: Matei BEJENARU (ROU), Vasile CROAT / HORVÁTH László (ROU/HUN), CSIKI Csaba (ROU/HUN), IRWIN group (SLO), KISSPÁL Szabolcs (ROU/HUN), PACSIKA Rudolf (HUN), Lia PERJOVSCHI (ROU), SZOMBATHY Bálint (HUN/SRB), VÁNCSA Domokos (ROU/IRE) & guest curatorial projects by Judit ANGEL (ROU/HUN/SVK) and the archive of Artpool Art Research Center, Budapest (HUN)

Curators: Ágnes-Evelin KISPÁL, József BARTHA and Attila KISPÁL 

Szilágyi Lenke: Stills from the film 1945

Photo exhibition

Production stills from Török Ferenc’s film 1945 taken during principal photography by photographer Szilágyi Lenke can be viewed by film-lovers.

At the Budapest opening of the exhibition, cinematographer Ragályi Elemér quipped that the still photographer is the person always standing in the wrong spot, since they are the one who immortalizes the shooting – at once trying to capture the most beautiful moments of the scenes being shot and the representative moments of the work involved in shooting them.

“Szilágyi Lenke’s photos exhibited here are quite unique – they simultaneously show the work done by the cinematographer, Ragályi, and her own skill at exquisitely managing to capture moments from the shoot that cannot be seen elsewhere. And these two things complete each other handsomely. The pictures themselves represent strong moods; they have been composed with such strict aesthetic sense that if we had no idea what sort of film 1945 is, we could still pinpoint its genre, its mood, and even the historical period.” (Szabó Ádám,

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