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Wednesday – November 8 – 19:30

Slow Train Coming – HOBO’s BOB DYLAN concert

Földes László Hobo – voice

With the participation of: Brády Márton – guitar, Gál István – drums, Igali Csanád – keyboards, Kiss Zoltán – guitar, Pengő Csaba  double bass

“With his first songs, written at the beginning of the 60s, Bob Dylan upended the rules and practice of rock lyrics. He led Mick Jagger, John Lennon, Neil Young and many others on a new path. I’ve seen him live three times, and I was astonished to see that he doesn’t greet his audience, doesn’t thank them for the applause and doesn’t say goodbye. Without Dylan, rock music wouldn’t have been able to overcome the limits of traditional pop music, and it’s not by chance that thousands have covered his songs. For my part, the time has come to add to the African-American blues and songs by The Rolling Stones, Jim Morrison, Tom Waits and Vladimir Vysotsky, sung in Hungarian, by translating 15 of Bob Dylan’s songs.” (HOBO)

Thursday – November 9 – 19:45

1945 – Film according to the sounds

the Fodderbasis Tandem’s movie-concert 

Gőz László – conches, bass trumpet

Szemző Tibor – flutes, narration

The duet of the Fodderbasis will make its first appearance in Târgu Mureș this evening. Their performance is a sort of live extension and expansion of the musical world composed by Szemző Tibor for the film 1945. Gőz reflects on the sounds of the film in his unmistakable approach, while Szemző guides the audience in this strange voyage in time, focusing on a single day in the summer of 1945 and recalling the sources of the musical composition, as well as the texts that had inspired him. The visuals of this unconventional evening are enhanced by the film fragments and unused frames of Ragályi Elemér’s series of black and white images as well as period photographs.

Friday, November 10  – 21:20The Office Club

Soul Serenade

Adelina Chivu – voice, kazoo, u-bass

Andrei Rotariu – voice, guitar, harmonica, tambourine

Codruţ Andrei – mandolin

The acoustic blues trio offers a unique take on old time blues & jazz through guitar, vocals, mandolin and harmonica that will carry you from the busy streets of Chicago to the dusty roads down south.

In march 2013, at the third edition of the European Blues Challenge, held in Toulouse, Soul Serenade won 2nd place, this being Romania's 1st time competing in the EBC.

The trio also took part in the widely known european blues festival, Blues Sur Seine in november 2013, where they was opening for Grammy winners Leyla Mccalla and Rhiannon Giddens.

Saturday – November 11 – 18:00

Kozma Orsi Quartet

Prints Of 10 Years

Kozma Orsi – voice

Cseke Gábor – piano

Hárs Viktor – bass guitar

Pusztai Csaba – drums 

The captivating stage presence and crystalline voice of Kozma Orsi, the sensitive and virtuoso playing by Cseke Gábor, pianist and one of the composers in the group, the distinctive and colourful stage presence of bassist, composer and lyricist Hárs Viktor, and the playful and accurate accompaniment by drummer Pusztai Csaba meld together to become an exciting experience for lovers of vocal jazz.

With three studio albums (Hide and Seek, Embrace, Soulprints), several awards and countless performances in Hungary and abroad under their belt, Kozma Orsi Quartet is celebrating their 10th birthday this year. They decided to mark the occasion by playing a special Best Of concert in March, which featured not only their best original compositions to date and their favourite covers (Sting, Viktoria Tolstoy, LGT), but songs specially written for this occasion. This is the repertoire they will be playing during their Transylvanian tour and in Bucharest as well.

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