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Cári Tibor (ROM)

5 November, 20:00 – J’ai Bistrot

Cári Tibor – piano

Szabó J. Attila – cello

Sânziana Tarţa – voice

Ilko Gradev – accordions

Dialog through tangos
The music of Cári Tibor consists of a bit of theatre music with a dash of soundtracks and melodies searching for their own stories and presentations. On occasion these may be spiced with a bit of tango or with a dialogue about when, where, why and how did these musical stories come to be. Cári Tibor has written over 100 musical pieces for theater, film and commercials. In 2013 he won the prize for Best Theater Music at the UNITER awards, Romania’s highest honours in theater.

Santa Diver (HUN)

6 November, 20:00 – Jazz&Blues Club 

Kézdy Luca – violin

Sárvári Kovács Zsolt – drums

Szesztay Dávid – bass guitar

Santa Diver was founded in 2006 by jazz violinist Kézdy Luca and multi instrumentalist and songwriter Szesztay Dávid. Thetrio’sthird member Sárvári Zsolt joined the band in 2011. The three instruments and personalities represent a very particular and unique style of music which is the combination of jazz, world music and freestyle music. Their sound is defined by their unique line-up (violin, bass, drums), the specific and narrative playing of Kézdy Luca, the colorful and melodic bass lines with busy yet energetic drumming. Their second album entitled ‘Santa Diver’ was released in may 2013.

Celelalte Cuvinte (ROM)

7 November

Călin Pop – voice, guitar

Marcel Breazu – bass

Leontin Iovan – drums

Tiberiu Pop – keyboards, voice

Ovidiu Roşu – sound

The history of the band reaches back to 1976 when Marcel Breazu, Leontin Iovan and Călin Pop formed a band called ‘Sonic’ in Oradea. All three members went to university in Timişoara in order to be able to continue their musical aspirations in a city more open to rock music. The name ‘Sonic’ was changed to Celelalte Cuvinte and two new members have joined the band: Ovidiu Roşu and Radu Manafu. The first concert with the new line-up was held on 13 December 1981. In their 33 years of existence Celelalte Cuvinte managed to become one of Romania’s most long-lived rock bands with hardly any line-up changes (Radu Manafu leaving in 1995 and Tiberiu Pop joining the group in 1986) and without ever having to change their musical direction. 

Gyárfás István Trió (HUN)

8 November

Gyárfás István – guitar

Oláh Zoltán – bass

Cseh Balázs – drums

Gyárfás István is one of the outstanding representatives of his musical generation. He possesses a degree in music from the Department of Jazz of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music. His trio recorded their first album in 1995 entitled ‘Live at the Jazz Café’. Their music can be described as pleasant, standard featured jazz. Their repertoire consists of jazz classics along with other specialties such as swing, blues and latin music. The characteristics of the trio’s music, consisting of guitar, bass and drums, is its colorful performance with tempo changes, swingy pulse and bebop style guitar solos.

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