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Vali Hotea: ROXANNE – Romania/Hungary, 2013 – 98’


Cast: Șerban Pavlu, Diana Dumbravă, Mihai Călin, Valeria Seciu, Adrian Văncică, Corina Moise, Anghel Damian

Bucharest, 2009. Twenty years after the Romanian Revolution, Tavi Ionescu, a nice but quite immature guy in his late 30s finds out from his Secret Police file that he could be the father of a son he didn't know about. Starting his own secret investigation, Tavi is caught in a complicated past that now comes to reveal ugly hidden truths, upending his life and the lives of those close to him. For the first time in his life, Tavi is forced to make genuinely mature decisions.

Dyga Zsombor: COUCH SURF – Hungary, 2014 – 83’


Cast: Hámori Gabriella, Anger Zsolt, Balsai Mónika, Kocsis Gergely, Gyabronka József, Kerekes Vica, Elek Ferenc, Kovács Lehel, Fullajtár Andrea, Nagy Zsolt, Pető Kata, Horváth Kristóf, Bartsch Kata, Törőcsik Franciska, Takátsy Péter, Döbrösi Laura, Tasnádi Bence és Fehér Balázs Benő

If couches could talk… they would tell stories about a childish man on a time-out; an anxious patient of a sexy psychologist; an inept loser preparing himself for a date on women’s day; a neurotic couple speculating about a mysterious stain; the former and the new owner of a thrown away couch; French hippies or three naughty teenagers stretching the boundaries of friendship. Because anything could happen on a couch. Couch surf is the happy, moving and witty story of ten couches and two dozen people.

Pálfi György: FREE FALL – Hungary/South Korea/France, 2014 – 89’


Cast: Benedek Miklós, Jordán Tamás, Lakos Ferenc, Rubesch Linda, Gogolák Lilla, Molnár Piroska, Bordán Irén, Hegedüs D. Géza, Tenki Réka, Trill Zsolt, Nagy Zsolt, Gosztonyi Csaba

Seven flats. Seven stories. And an old lady who falls down seven floors.

Reisz Gábor: FOR SOME INEXPLICABLE REASON – Hungary, 2014 – 89’


Cast: Ferenczik Áron, Takács Kati, Kovács Zsolt, Makranczi Zalán, Kapronczai Erika

One day Eszter cleared her hair out of the drain and left me. She said I was immature. I don’t know what mature is. My mother would like me to grow up so much that she will even write my autobiography for me just so that something happens.

Zomborácz Virág: AFTERLIFE – Hungary, 2014 – 90’

Cast: Kristóf Marci, Gálffi László, Csákányi Eszter, Anger Zsolt, Gyabronka József, Kovács Zsolt, Thuróczy Szabolcs, Kocsis Gergely, Petrik Andrea

Mózes is a shy, insecure young man who has just finished his theology studies and lives with his family in a remote village. His relationship with his authoritative father is rather complicated; the pastor doesn’t take his son very seriously and treats him with disdain. One day, the father dies unexpectedly – and his ghost begins appearing to Mózes, the only one in the family who can see him. The young man struggles to figure out how his father’s spirit might find peace, and it seems that, for the first time in his life, he’s been placed in a situation in which he must take things firmly into his own two hands. At the same time, this is an opportunity to transform his relationship with his father.

Andrei Gruzsniczki: QUOD ERAT DEMONSTRANDUM – Romania, 2013 – 107’

Cast: Ofelia Popii, Florin Piersic Jr, Sorin Leoveanu, Virgil Ogăşanu, Dorian Boguţa, Adelaida Zamfira

1984. A mathematician's decision to publish a paper in a magazine edited by an American University without asking for permission from the communist authorities triggers a chain of events that will change the lives of his friends. After all, no decisions are without consequences...

Novák Erik: BLACK SOUP – Hungary, 2014 – 93’

Cast: Perjés Zoltán, Nagy Zsolt, Szabó Simon, Fátyol Hermina, Máté Gábor, Herczeg Zoltán, Vágvölgyi B. András

A DJ who has lost millions at poker receives a tip that could turn his luck around: he “only” has to get his hands on an armored car. He resorts to the help of his friend who is “resting” at a hospice and his buddies, all under treatment. The Loony Commando acts with uncanny professionalism. In order to celebrate the 300-million haul, they throw a huge party costing millions. Girls, drugs and rock and roll, they’re the kings of the world! But what goes around comes around. They find out that they have really stepped in it by robbing the mob boss feared by all...

Kerékgyártó Yvonne: FREE ENTRY Hungary, 2014 – 70’

Cast: Pusztai Luca, Barta Ágnes, Sándor Péter, Kardos Róbert, Janka Barnabás, Szolár Tibor, Kovács Ádám, Nemes Anna, Nagy Katica

Two young girls, Betti and V sneak into the Sziget festival with no tickets and no money. The two unusual girls attract the attention of the boys and they are soon at odds with each other. Their adventure turns into a dangerous game when the two teenagers get separated at night. Betti calls on the help of a charming drug dealer to find her friend. The two girls learn that in life, everything has its price.

Hajdu Szabolcs: MIRAGE – Hungary/Slovakia, 2014 – 90’

Cast: Isaach de Bankolé, Răzvan Vasilescu, Török-Illyés Orsolya, Dragoş Bucur, Polgár Tamás

Fleeing from the police after fixing a match, Francis, an African football player, seeks refuge at a farm deep in the Hungarian flatland. Drawing from the traditions of Hungarian cinema as well as Hollywood Westerns, Mirage is a story about modern-day Hungary, racism, equality, power and freedom.

Simó Sándor: FAREWELL TO YOU! – Hungary, 1987 – 101’

Cast: Sinkó László, Esztergályos Cecília, Ronyecz Mária, Kari Györgyi, Horváth József, Hollósi Frigyes, Gáspár Sándor

September 1938. Tenants of a Budapest block of flats live their everyday lives, conducted by tradition. World politics does not divide them. Their major experience is the private life of the actress in the house. September 1942. The teacher who believes in nationalist principles sits separate from the others. An arrow-cross group turns up. The baron wants to emigrate, and Egon seriously offends the Jewish doctor Stark, now on the teacher's side. September 1944. The actress gives shelter to her lover's wife and the conductor in the house reports her. Egon and the students join an anarchist. An air raid takes place and the house collapses, burying everybody but the fool.

Dan Piţa: KYRA KYRALINA – Romania, 2014 – 99’

Cast: Florin Zamfirescu, Ovidiu Niculescu, Constantin Florescu, Mircea Rusu, Andrei Runcanu, Stefan Iancu, Maria Teslaru, Corneliu Ulici, Iulia Dumitru

An adaptation of Panait Istrati’s novel, Kyra Kyralina, the film tells the story of a beautiful and mysterious woman who, alongside her mother, ends up selling herself to men. The screen adaptation with an oriental aura brings the magical atmosphere of the Arabian Nights to the silver screen.

Cornel Mihalache: CANALUL – Romania, 2014 – 87’

Cast: Marian Râlea, Claudiu Bleonţ, Richard Bovnoczki, Radu Amzulescu, Adrian Ciobanu, Antoaneta Cojocaru, Isabela Neamţu

Based on the eponymous play by Elemér Kincses, the film tells the story of a forced labor camp, the building site of the Channel. A group of four inmates survive through culture, memories and friendship. It happened yesterday, it will happen today, and most certainly, tomorrow as well. A story about the basic things in life: survival, love, sacrifice, friendship, honor and death.

Gabriela Pichler: Eat Sleep Die – Sweden, 2012 – 104’

Cast: Nermina Lukač, Milan Dragišić, Jonathan Lampinen, Peter Fält, Ružica Pichler

Raša Abdulahović can pack 12 bags of lettuce in 4.5 seconds. She’s a no-nonsense 21-year-old tomboy, a Muslim immigrant who spends her time looking after her worn-out father and hanging out with her fellow workers from the vegetable packing plant. It’s a rugged small-town life, but she has her dad and she has her job… However, things are about to turn around.

Paweł Pawlikowski: Ida – Poland, 2013 – 82’


Cast: Agata Kulesza, Agata Trzebuchowska, Dawid Ogrodnik, Jerzy Trela

Poland during the 1960’s. Ida, orphaned as a child, is living in a convent and is preparing to become a nun herself. Before taking her vows, to the nuns’ advice, she visits her aunt, her only living relative, whom she never met before. The two women start on a journey to shed light on how their relatives have died and to find their own place in life.

Karzan Kader: BEKAS – Sweden/Finland/Iraq, 2012 – 92’

Cast: Zamand Taha, Sarwar Fazil, Diya Mariwan, Suliman Karim Mohamad, Rahim Hussen, Abdulrahman Mohamad, Shirwan Mohamad

We are in Iraq at the beginning of the nineties. International politics and Saddam Hussein have altogether different interests than the children of this war-torn country. In a small movie theater at the end of the world, movies are playing, to the great delight of the children. On one occasion, two penniless boys watch a showing of Superman through a hole in the roof with great reverence. Their enthusiasm knows no bounds, and since on the map it only seems to be an inch away, they decide to go to America to meet the superhero. They have no money, not to mention a passport, yet the children are undeterred; they set off on the adventure of their lives on the back of a donkey dubbed Michael Jackson. They are on the journey to meet their hero, who would protect them, and to hand him a list of all the wrongdoers he should arrest.

Mikael Marcimain: Call Girl – Sweden, 2012 – 140’

Cast: Sofia Karemyr, Pernilla August, Simon J. Berger, David Dencik, Sven Nordin, Ruth Vega Fernandez, Kristoffer Joner, Sven Ahlström, Sofia Karemyr, Josefin Asplund

Sweden, 1976. A woman with no small amount of political influence runs a call-girl network, and employs several minors in doing so. There are many high-ranking officials, politicians and even ministers among her clients. Call Girl is based on actual events: it relates the story of a prostitution scandal from the seventies that shook the whole of Sweden.

Václav Kadrnka: Eighty Letters – Czech Republic, 2012 – 75’

Cast: Zuzana Lapčíková, Martin Pavluš, Gerald Turner

Eighty Letters is autobiographically based. The source of the film are the memories of the director and the surviving correspondence between his parents. The story takes place in Czechoslovakia in 1987. The events of the film are viewed from the boy’s perspective.

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