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Selection from the ONE WORLD ROMANIA Documentary Film Festival

Wednesday – 6 November – Small Hall

Konstantinos Georgousis: The Cleaners – United Kingdom/Greece, 2012, 37’

In June 2012, the far-right Greek political party Golden Dawn won 7% of the parliamentary vote. National Film and Television School (London) student Konstantinos Georgousis follows few party members, in the best fly-on-the-wall tradition, while they patrol the streets of Athens, chalk the words “Greece for the Greeks” in the squares and stop for a drink on café terraces, always keeping a vigilant eye on immigrants. (And yes, they have a lot to say about Romanians, too!) 

Friedrich Moser, Matthieu Lietaert: The Brussels Business – Belgium/Austria, 2012, 85’

“I am a facilitator, really. Lobbying is perceived as a dirty word, but in fact it is just networking, contact between people”, says one lobbyist in The Brussels Business. In spite of unfolding on uncinematic’ terrain, this is a sleek, gripping story that examines the evolution of lobbying - largely by multinational corporations - inside and around the institutions of the EU, and makes a convincing argument for the need to create mechanisms able to ensure the transparency of EU decision-making. At a time of crisis, when supranational policy-making gathers terrain in a globalized world, here is an eye-opener meant to remind us all that democracy is a process, rather than an end-point.

Friday – 8 November – Small Hall

Raluca Răcean Gorgos: The Bed Is Broken – Romania, 2012, 24’

Abandoned, desolate buildings have a particular appeal to children and to cinematographers. In The Bed is Broken two boys explore the dilapidated entrails of a deserted factory, looking for bits of scrap metal and followed by an attentive, patient camera. Where does the playing end and the work begin?

Joshua Oppenheimer: The Act of Killing – Denmark/Norway/United Kingdom – 2012 – 159’

“It is forbidden to kill. Therefore, all murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers, and to the sound of trumpets,” reads the motto to The Act of Killing.

Radovan Sibrt: On Decency – Czech Republic, 2012, 52’

On Decency captures the smells and the shadows of intolerance towards minorities among a portion of the Czech public, and exposes its dark undercurrents in everyday banal situations. 

Wednesday – 6 November – Small Hall

Novák Tamás, Kiss Sándor: Flow – Hungary, 2013, 52’

The idea of flow – which tries to reveal the secret of happiness – has a large and enthusiastic audience worldwide. Behind the success, there is a lifelong investigation and research on what is hidden in the meaning of “happiness”. 

Skrabski Fruzsina: Silenced Shame – Hungary, 2013, 52’

Sadly, it appears that rape has become an established part of war, perhaps the most brutal exponents of which were the Soviet troops who occupied Hungary in 1945. Extensive research into records from STD clinics shows that hundreds of thousands of Hungarian women were raped during this period. Many people know about the atrocities committed by Soviet soldiers, very few people are willing to talk openly about what actually happened. 

Skrabski Fruzsina: A Matter Of Death And Life – Hungary, 2013, 52’

We all want to know what happens before life and after death but we only ever give these questions any serious thought when we or someone we love has an encounter with death. 

Thursday – 7 November – Small Hall 

Somogyvári Gergő: Rickshaw Rush – Hungary, 2012, 55’ 

It is a sensitive and atmospheric film about Hungarian rickshaw taxi drivers, who work on the sinful streets of Amsterdam. A sketch about an age of emigration from East to West: a documentary about money and freedom, about rushing and chilling and about days and nights in the touristic city center.

Friday – 8 November – Small Hall

Laura Căpăţână Juller: Here... I Mean There – Romania, 2012, 76’

Ani and Sanda are two girls from Maramuresh who grew up with their grandparents. Their parents are working in Spain like so many other Romanians. Laura Capatana Juller accompanied Ani and Sanda for three years, following with a tender and talented eye the struggles of these two girls turned into teenagers while their parents were away.

Wednesday – 6 November – Small Hall


Cologne OFF 2013 Romania

@ Alter-Native Film Festival

animateCOLOGNE – Cologne Art & Animation Festival

selection coordinated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne

Part I

Curated by Agricola de Cologne

• Pablo Fernandez-Pujol (Spain): Pigman – 2012 – 3’

• Albert Merino (Spain): Les Bagneurs – 2010 – 3’50”

• Kristina Frank (Sweden): Take to the woods – 2011 – 6’01”

• Ping-Yao Chen (Taiwan): Go West – 2012 – 19’40”

Part II

Curated by Myriam Thyes

• DoDomani Studio (Italy): The Box – 2012 – 3’

• Andrea Ferri (Italy): Satura – 2008 – 2’30”

• Natalia Biegaj (Poland): For Katy – 2012 – 3’26”

• Karolina Glusiec (Poland): Velocity – 2012 – 6’

• Shuai Cheng Pu (Taiwan): Ferry Paradise – 2012 – 3’48”

• Susanne Wiegner (Germany): At the Museum – 2012 – 3’

• Arjan Brentjes (Netherlands): Il était une fois un Artiste – 2011 – 6’34”

 • David Clark (UK): Odd Jobs – 2010 – 4’16” 


Thursday – 7 November – Small Hall


Dor Fadlon: Eva - Working Title – 2010 – 10

Eva, an aspiring actress, is trying her best to remember that a film is only a film.

Pini Tavger: Pinhas – 2008 – 30

Pinhas and his mother are new immigrants from Russia.

Yuval Shani: Segal – 2009 – 23

Segal’s life of confined existence is about to drastically change when unforeseen opportunity knocks.

Leonid Prudovsky: Dark Night – 2005 – 30

An Israeli military jeep, returning to base from patrol late at night, strikes a landmine while still in hostile territory.

Friday – 8 November – Small Hall 


Yuval Hameiri: I Think This is the Closest to How the Footage Looked – 2012 – 9

A man recreates, with poor means, a lost memory. A memory of the last day with his Mom. Objects comes to life, in a desperate struggle, to produce one moment that was gone.

Eti Tsicko: Resen (Dog Leash) – 2013 – 26

Cracks are starting to burst in Marina’s frozen life.

Adi Kutner: Barbie Blues – 2011 – 18

When Mika, a suburban teenager, finds a disturbing creature in her pool she asks her neighbor Gershon for help.

Adiya Imri Orr: Stitches – 2011 – 18

Amit and her female life partner Noa decided to take the crucial step and have a baby.

Saturday – 9 November – Main Hall 

The Sam Spiegel Film & Television School, Jerusalem 

Nadav Gal: A Different War – 2003 – 15

It is the height of the Intifada in Jerusalem. Nuni, a fourth grader from the Gilo frontier neighborhood, has been chosen to play King David in the end-of-year School Play, to be attended by the Israeli Prime Minister. Yet deep down Nuni longs to play the role of Princess.

Benjamin Freidenberg: Guided Tour – 2009 – 25

Eitan lives alone in Jerusalem and works at night at painting lines on the streets of the city. Seeking for another person’s company makes him wonder; between imagination and reality, clarity and blurriness, on the border between identities, between the broken lines.

Mihal Brezis, Oded Binnun: Sabbath Entertainment – 2003 – 21’

It’s Sabbath eve. Rachel sneaks out of her religious parents’ house to go out with her secular friends. On their way to the party, the worst of all happens- an auto accident on Sabbath.

Yaniv Linton: Tateh – 2012 – 24’32”

Ran returns to the kibbutz to visit his father, who has suffered a sudden heart attack. There's been no contact between the two since Ran returned to his religious roots.

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