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Wednesday – 6 November

Szokolay Dongó Balázs – Both Miklós Duo (Hungary)

Szokolay Dongó Balázs – wind instruments, Both Miklós – guitar

At the Hungarian Heart Beats concert in Copenhagen, during WOMEX, Szokolay Dongó Balázs performed (next to three other bands) in a duet with Both Miklós. After the performance, a manager came up to them: “I really hate the electric guitar, but the moment I heard Both Miklós play, I had to pay attention.”
Dongó’s archaic delivery is well complemented by this guitar playing. Miklós knows and uses the folk music mother tongue. It is not instrumentation that counts in this duet, but the encounter between two artist, two human beings. Their repertoire features Hungarian folk song covers and compositions inspired by Hungarian folk music. Improvisation is a critical part of their performance.

Thursday – 7 November 

Luiza Zan, Gáspár Álmos (Romania)


Luiza Zan – voice, Gáspár Álmos – guitar

Known to the jazz public at home and at large as an extremely versatile singer with solid experience in all styles of jazz, but also in classical vocal-symphonic singing, Luiza Zan invites you to a foray into Spanish music. Joined by jazz and flamenco player Álmos Gáspár, Luiza creates an atmosphere ruled by passion, vibration, an elevated pulse, yet at the same time alternating with tense states, anxiety and uneasiness, as befits a tableau specific to the Latin spirit. A torrid evening of flamenco and jazz.

Friday – 8 November 

Alapi Band (Hungary)

Alapi István – guitar, Nagy János – keyboards, Lantos Zoltán – violin, Mits Gergő – bass guitar, Potesz Balázs – drums

István Alapi’s fusion instrumental album entitled Inner Vortex contains ten own compositions. The album’s character and mood is an organic sequel to the author’s previous record entitled niXfactor, which has won Jazz Album of the Year at the Fonogram Awards in 2012. The compositions of Pro Arte, Artisjus and Fonogram Award-winner István Alapi are exacting, experimental, and blend the boundaries between musical genres. This is the music that they’ll play at tonight’s concert.

Saturday – 9 November 

Hakeshet Klezmer Band (Romania)

Ari-Nagy Sándor – piano, accordion & orchestration, Boro-Konrád Péter – double bass, Levi Nicolae – violin, Pintea Ion – clarinet, Pop Ilie – trombone, Seidler Andrei – drums, Kővári-Szabó Katalin Eszter – voice, Szabó Erzsébet (Betty) – voice

Hakeshet Klezmer Band (HKB) was formed in 2005 within the Oradea Jewish Community out of the orchestra – made up of an accordion, a violin and a double bass – that accompanied the community choir. For the Purim show in 2005, this was complemented by another violin and drums. It was only a small step from here to form Hakeshet Klezmer Band. In 2007, they took part at the Euroiudaica Festival, and in 2008, a great opportunity showed itself, as they were the first such band from Romania to be invited to the most prestigious klezmer music festival in the world organized in Tsfat, Israel. Since then, they have had several successful concerts both at home and abroad. Since autumn 2011, they have provided the live soundtrack to popular musical Fiddler on the Roof, set to the stage together with the Regina Maria (Queen Mary) theatre company in Oradea.

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