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Selection from the ONE WORLD ROMANIA Documentary Film Festival

Wednesday – 7nd November


Ludovica Fales, Srdjan Keca, Isis Thompson – UK – 2011 – 75’

Protest has changed. Between the first UK student protests in November 2010 and the global uprising in the spring of 2011, a new radicalism, fuelled by modern technology, has hit the streets. Over 6 months of government cuts, a collective of filmmakers has had exclusive access to the backroom meetings of a group of London students as they hacked software, occupied universities and shut down banks. In the process, they've helped build the movement currently sending ripples across the globe. The Real Social Network captures the passion, the anger and the technology that has forever changed the game between those in power and us.



Elyes Baccar TUN/SUI – 2011 – 94’ 

The Arab Revolution erupted in a country that few had expected, starting a political earthquake that shook the whole world. “Rouge Parole” is the story of the Tunisian popular revolution and the expulsion of President Ben Ali, emotionally told by its heroes through both their silence and their clamour, charting Tunisia’s first steps towards democracy.


Marta Minorowicz – POL – 2011 – 25’

Decrescendo tells the story of the blossoming friendships that take place between the young psychologist Tomek and his patients from a retirement home, each of whom bear their own touching and tragic story. Each day, Tomek's fascination with beauty and youth clashes not only with the aging and the dying, but also with their emphatic will to live. In this context, the musical term Decrescendo takes on a new meaning.


Pawel Wysoczanski – Poland – 2011 – 42’

„We will be happy one day“ is a documentary film about Daniel, a young man from Lipiny - the poorest town in the southern Poland. Daniel wants out of the omnipresent misery. With a mobile phone camera in his hand he wanders around his neighbourhood asking kids and grownups questions about their dreams. Are they going to come true, at least for some?


Friday – 9th November


Mona Nicoară, Miruna Coca-Cozma – USA/SUI – 2011 – 94’

Three Roma children from a small Transylvanian town participate in a project to desegregate the local school, struggling against indifference, tradition and bigotry with humor, optimism and sass. A captivating, bitter-sweet and often funny story about hope and race, and an elegy about the conflict between generations as well as wasted opportunities.



Anonim – FRA/IRI – 2011 – 55’

For a whole year, Iranian refugees followed the “green revolution” via Internet from the street demonstrations to the so-called trials… Between anonymous amateur images and those released officially by the government, feelings expressed in emails received from friends and official speeches, they try to put together their own version of the events they are unable to take part in. A film by the anonymous – just as the Revolution itself – who cannot expose their identity, because they must protect their friends and family still living in the country.



Faraz Fesharak – IRI – 2009 – 13’

In this guerrilla-style film, a couple of friends drive one of their own to a prison somewhere in Iran, where he is to be flogged 80 times for drinking alcohol. The film is entirely shot within the confines of the car they are using. A spontaneous and cheeky expression of a young generation’s joy of life in the face of a relentless penal system.

Films of the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia Production – Italy

Saturday – 9th November

Piero Messina: LAND – 2011 – 24’

On a ship at night, the secret journey of a man returning home.

Pasquale Marino: TILL SUMMER COMES2011 16’30’’

As summer approaches, fate tries to separate Nicholas, Daniel and Lollo. The boys join forces to fight to remain together.

Enrico Maria Artale: MY BOW BREATHING 2011 10’51”

A girl's sporting talent hides her need to retrieve a primitive, violent instinct, an archetype.

Daniel Mejia: THE NUMBER TEN 2011 8’6’’

Antonio never gets picked to play at soccer camp. One day, his teammates realize how much they need him.

Edoardo De Angelis: BEACH BOY 20084' 40''

How to slim in two seconds? Holding the breath has magic effects...

Fabio Mollo: GIANTS  – 2007 – 24’

“The South is nothing”; so how is it possible to tell a story about nothing?


Saturday – 9th November

Archive films: Hungarian National Digital Archive

PEOPLE ON THE MOUNTAINS– Hungary – 1942 – 89’

Cast: Szellay Alice, Görbe János, Ferenczi Péterke, Bihari József, Makláry János, Egyed Lenke, Gárday Lajos, Borovszky Oszkár, Toronyi Imre, Kürthy György

Transylvanian mountains. Clouds, pine trees, small cottage. This is where the Székely logger Csutak Gergely lives with his wife Anna and their son, Gergő. But the beauty of the landscape and the proximity of nature are not enough for happiness. The man’s employer takes a fancy to the pretty young wife while the husband is away. Anna tries to escape from him, but falls into an abyss. Gergely wages a deadly revenge. He is imprisoned, but at the first snowfall he escapes to give a Christmas present to his son little son, Gergő.

The film was awarded in Venice in 1942 and was selected by critics in the list of 12 best Hungarian films of the century in 2000.

KÁDÁR KATA – Hungary – 1944 – 11’

Cast: Szellay Alice, Halász Géza

The young lad goes out into the wide world after his mother separates him from his lover, Kádár Kata. He gets to a lake. The girl emerges from the water and pulls him into the depths. Two water lilies blossom on the surface. The evil mother crushes the flowers.

STONES, FORTRESSES, PEOPLE – Hungary – 1955 – 30’

A short film that presents a day in the life of Hollókő, now also recognized as an ethnographic documentary.

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