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Jankovics Marcell: THE TRAGEDY OF MEN - Hungary, 2011 - 160'

Cast: Szilágyi Tibor, Usztics Mátyásm Bertalan Ágnes, Széles Tamás, Molnár Piroska

Marcell Jankovics adapted the script of The Tragedy of Man in 1983 from Imre Madách’s play. The production of the film started in 1988, but only concluded at the end of 2011 after two and a half decades of struggle. The heroes of the play are the first human couple, who are taken through history in their dreams accompanied by the devil, Lucifer, and taken to the nebulous future. In Heaven, Lucifer is God's jealous partner in creation, and on the earth he becomes Adam's shadow. Adam wakes up at the end of the story and realizes that “the goal is death, but life consists of struggle, the struggle in itself must be the goal.”

Anca Damian: CRULIC – THE PATH TO BEYOND - Romania/Poland, 2011 - 90'

The animated documentary feature-length Crulic The Path to Beyond tells the story of the life of Crulic, the 33 years old Romanian accused of having stolen a wallet from the important Polish Judge. Press investigation started in both countries. The repercussions of the investigation have concluded with the resignation of the Minister of the Foreign Affairs, while in Poland, 3 doctors were officially accused of Crulic's death.

Kincses Réka: HOMELAND, SEX AND OTHER INCONVENIENCES - Germany/Hungary, 2012 - 90'

Cast: Kerekes Krisztina, Bogdán Zsolt, Péter Hilda, Tóth Attila, Csákány Eszter, Martin Leutgeb

Zsuzsi and Sándor seem to have integrated well. They have a new house, two children, good income and a big car that barely fits into the garage. They live at the edge of one of the great German cities. The highway runs not far from their garden and their well-kept lawn. There is no sign of their Eastern European past. She says she is homesick, while he says he isn't: it'd all be fine if his wife didn't keep rejecting him. Zsuzsi wants to be left alone, she wishes that she didn't have to keep analyzing urine samples in a doctor's office and learn how to work the espresso machine, she just wants to go back to her Mom. When the children go away on a trip, the couple is alone for the first time in years. Fortunately, some unexpected guests arrive...

Tudor Giurgiu: OF SNAILS AND MEN/DESPRE OAMENI ŞI MELCI - Romania/France, 2012 - 90'

Cast: Andi Vasluianu, Monica Bîrlădeanu, Dorel Vişan, JeanFrancois Stevenin, Robinson Stevenin

1992, the small town of Muscel, Romania. The state-owned ARO car factory has just gone bankrupt and will be privatized in a week. The buyer is a French company who announces to the workers that they will convert the plant into a... snail cannery and all the workers will be fired. George, the union leader, desperately looking for a solution, gets a crazy idea. A memorable bitter-sweet comedy about one of Romania's wild and bumpy economy rides.

Silviu Purcărete: SOMEWHERE IN PALILULA - România, 2012 - 145'

Cast: Dimény Áron, George Mihaiță, Răzvan Vasilescu, Constantin Chiriac, Sorin Leoveanu, Ofelia Popii, Andi Ștefănescu, Cristian Stanca, Alexandru Georgescu, Ilie Gheorghe, Horaţiu Mălăele, Marius Manole, Anne Marie Chertic, Vécsei Pali, Florentina Ţilea, Luminiţa Erga, Puşa Darie

The 60's, Romania. Serafim, a young doctor, is sent to the Hospital in Palilula, a small town lost somewhere on the country map, an authentic "Macondo" from the region of Oltenia, it's a place where the insignificant coexists with charming things; in the hospital, the patients are perfectly healthy, and one of their favorite entertainments is to assist at the dissections in the morgue. The rest of the population is charming and imbecile at the same time, forever isolated in drunkenness, feasting, and orgy. The changes from the political regimes, the deaths, the fires and floods, none of these major terrible changes of the world disturb the inhabitants of Palilula. Restless and lazy, happy and melancholy, they are always there, together, in the center of the world, on the terrace with oleanders, at the hospital and at the Boema Hotel. The demonstrations dedicated to the "fight for peace", imposed all over Romania by the new leader of the party, take place in Palilula in the same spirit of negligence and drunkenness specific for this town; the most important are the typical jokes which can't be controlled by any political regime. Serafim gradually adapts to the life in this world and ends up belonging to it, even without wanting.

Bergendy Péter: THE EXAM - Hungary, 2011 - 89'

Cast: Nagy Zsolt, Kulka János, Hámori Gabriella, Scherer Péter, Elek Ferenc, Haumann Péter, Diményi Áron, Pap Vera, Balogh András

In communist Hungary during the end of the 1950s, András Jung is a National Security officer living in an undercover apartment posing as a teacher. Unbeknownst to him, his mentor Pál Marko is watching and listening to his every move in a flat across the street. Jung is undergoing a secret test to prove his loyalty to the state. Everything is running smoothly until Jung is shown to have a lover (who may be also be a counter-revolutionary.) As the night goes on, secrets will be revealed about all those involved.

Lucian Georgescu: THE PHANTOM FATHER - Romania, 2011 - 90'

Cast: Marcel Iureş, Mihaela Sîrbu, Valer Dellakeza, Mihai Constantin, Mimi Brănescu, Victor Rebengiuc, Mariana Mihuţ, Barry Gifford, Nicodim Ungureanu, Vitalie Bantas, Marcello Cobzariu, Mirela Oprişor

American teacher Robert Traum returns to the Old Continent to try and figure out the mystery surrounding the origins of his father and uncle, the famous Traum brothers: Rudolf, a celebrated novelist and Samuel, a one-time big gangster in Chicago. During his voyage in the northern part of Romania, Robert meets Tania, the chief of the Bucovina records office. Together, the two try to find Sami, the last friend of the Traum family who is still alive and a projectionist at a small, dusty provincial cinema. Robert's arrival proves to be a blessing, since Sami had just been ousted from the cinema by a local politician on the make and involved in business ventures with the Ukrainian mob… Gradually, Robert helps Sami to recover his cinema, and the old man helps Robert to recover his identity…

Werther Germondari, Maria Laura Spagnoli: SEX EQUO - Italy, 2011 - 63'

Lara Martelli, Hans Hisleiter, Werther Germondari, Marit Nissen, Sarita Marchesi, Piero Clemente, Fabio Rosi, Maria Laura Spagnoli, Bobby Rhoddes, Adriano Giammanco, Raffaella D’avella, Carmela Spagnoli, Diego Reggente, Giancarlo Sgrigna, Monica Liguoro, Leonardo Ferri

After disobeying God and having visited the site of “forbidden fruits”, Adam and Eve are trying to regain the lost Eden. For each fruit a parable about sex is told.

Erik Gandini: VIDEOCRACY - Sweden, 2009 - 85'

Cast: Ricky Canevali, Lele Mora, Silvio Berlusconi, Fabrizio Corona

The portrait of a man who has dominated the image of Italy for over three decades.


Deák Krisztina: AGLAYA - Hungary/Poland/Romania - 2011 - 116'

Cast: Ónodi Eszter, Bogdán Zsolt, Jávor Babett, Móga Piroska, Kamarás Iván, Jordán Adél

Hoping for a better life, the Hungarian-Romanian family of circus artists escapes the Ceausescu dictatorship in Romania in the early 1980s and takes refuge in the West. If they want to stay in the ring, they will have to come up with something exotic. The mother, Sabina devises a special act: she hangs by her hair in the circus dome. However, her daughter Aglaya gets terribly worried that she would fall to her death, and this fear becomes an everyday burden for her to bear. Yet one day – following the family tradition – she herself would be the one to become “The Woman with Hair of Steel”.

Török Ferenc: ISTANBUL - Hungary/Turkey/The Netherlands/Ireland, 2011 - 99'

Cast: Johanna Ter Steege, Lukáts Andor, Yavuz Bingöl, Varga Norbert, Tenki Réka, Bánfalvi Eszter

When acclaimed professor János leaves his wife for a 28-year-old student, nobody says anything. But when his wife, Katalin, flees from the hospital she is in and hitchhikes to Istanbul, the whole family is revolted, although she has the same right to new beginnings as her husband does. They report her as a missing person, and when they find her, they send her teenage son, Zoli after her. But when he finds her, he realizes that the woman he was looking for is not the same as the one he eventually finds.

Gyöngyössy Bence: LAST RHAPSODY - Hungary/France, 2011 - 75'

Cast: Jordán Tamás, Sárközi-Nagy Ilona, Söptei Andrea, Molnár Piroska, Kálloy Molnár Péter, Gáspár Tibor

The Last Rhapsody recalls the final days of Ferenc Liszt and his last love affair with his last pupil, called in the film Nina Schliemann. The love story is told by the old pupil in person when in 1911, to mark the centenary of Ferenc Liszt’s birth and the 25th anniversary of his death, a Budapest theatre is preparing for the premiere of a play about the composer’s final days in Bayreuth. The film is set in three different periods of time – 1886, the year Liszt died, the preceding ten years and 1911.

Michelangelo Frammartino: THE FOUR TIMES - Italy/Germany/Switzerland, 2010 - 88'

Cast: Giuseppe Fuda, Bruno Timpano, Nazareno Timpano

A poetic presentation of the repetitive cycles in life and nature as well as of the undisturbed rituals of a place where time no longer matters. The story of a soul moving through four consecutive lives.

Pálfi György: FINAL CUT – LADIES AND GENTLEMEN – Hungary, 2012 – 85’

Projection for the students of the University of Arts Tirgu-Mures

The real love film tells the story of the "real" man and the "real" woman. What is the real man in life? And the real woman? By recycling the celluloid heroes and heroines of 500 movies (the objects of so many dreams and desires) György Palfi's collage film shows what they are like and also what happens when they meet.

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