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Selection from the ONE WORLD ROMANIA Documentary Film Festival
Small Hall
2nd November
Marc Isaacs                                                          UK, 2010
Running time:60’
In City, the financial and administrative area of London, the documentarist Marc Issacs observes some men figures which pass through serious challenges due to the recent financial transformations. A broker, always with his eyes on the screen, keeps his family at distance, far away from the city’s daily grind. An immigrant from Bangladesh walks with a crossed shaped advertising signboard to earn money for his daughter’s education. A street sweeper is on a spiritual quest. In midst of financial crises the human costs are difficult to calculate.
Kristof Bilsen                                             UK, 2010
Running time:34’
Director Kristof Bilsen discovers in a late 50`s film belonging to the his family archive an unknown world where Belgium and its citizens seem to be in an state of cultural and ethnic harmony. Looking for the qualities of the perfect Belgian, this road movie reveals the present-day state of the Flemish-Walloon tension which swings between linguistic exclusivity and nationalistic exhibition, all in the context of a globalization process that makes identity clarification difficult.
Stephane Lucon                                                             Romania, 2010
Running time:53’
 There are several ethnic communities that live in Romania. In Brasov county, 87% of the inhabitants are ethnic Romanians. In Covasna county, 76% of the inhabitants are ethnic Hungarians. This is the story of a valley between Brasov and Covasna. A village there is being refused its right to identity; it has no name and it doesn’t exist on any map. Because most of the inhabitants in the valley are Roma, people call the place “Tziganie”. The Roma call this place “over the bridge”, and the authorities speak about the “village in the Corlat Valley”.
4th November
Alexander Gentelev                                                       Israel / Germany, 2010
Running time:90’
Thieves by Law gives us access to three former heads of the Russian mafia, one of the most famous criminal organizations in the world. Director Alexander Gentelev reveals how these groups were formed ever since the Stalinist gulag's period during the '30s and continued to exist after 1990. The mobsters, who transformed into reputable businessmen, reveal intimate details on how they came to influence Russia's economy as it emerged from decades of Soviet rule, and how they used their vast wealth to build up a political base in a land that once treated them as common criminals.
Alexandru Solomon                          România / France / Belgia, 2010
Running time:80’
Solomon invites Ceausescu to revisit Romania, 20 years after he has been executed. The dictator haunts present-day capitalist society, emerged in the Wild East and often deeply rooted in its communist past. The film offers incredible access to top magnates – at home, in their offices and in their minds – building a bitter-sweet portrait of a new ruling class. Capitalism with a K – an Eastern European cocktail of power and money. This is now part of Greater Europe. Unavoidable!



Wednesday, 02nd of November, 22:10 - 23:20

 Folk and rock 'n' roll – Apnoé folk-underground


Members of Apnoé band represent a variety of styles: rock, folk-dance and classical music. Common denominator is none other than the endless Hungarian folk treasure, which is through the immortal rock 'n' roll to develop a new, contemporary content, a powerful manifestation of age- spanning musical tradition and not least "contemporary dance" interwoven by peculiar humor. The concerts at small stages of smoky basement clubs or festivals have always unique atmosphere; they are a sort of "folk-underground" events.

Members: Mesics György – vocals, violin, guitar; Takács Gergely – guitar, electric lute; Balogh Tibor – trumpet, flugelhorn; Kovács Áron – bass; Valastyán Tamás – drums.


Friday, 04th of November, 22:20 - 23:30

 Darabont Örs Quartet

The Darabont Örs Quartet project came to life in 2009, following the vision of founding member and composer Darabont Örs. Studying both flute and composition at the Music Academy in Cluj Napoca gave him an opportunity to expand musically. Playing an original, composed repertoire and collaborating with top of the class veteran musicians were important factors from the beginning. After experimenting for a while, the actually formula emerged for the band: Makkai István – saxophones; Darabont Örs – flute, piano, composer; Kostyák Márton – double bass; Asztalos Zsolt – drums and percussion.

The main genre is contemporary jazz, but it also features classical music and world music elements. The music is constantly shaped by the influence of artists like: Pat Metheny, Avishai Cohen, Johann Sebastian Bach, Danilo Perez, Hiromi Uehara, Nik Bartsch etc. The concert's playlist will include all the pieces of the upcoming album “Coming of Age” and also some older compositions and improvisations.


Saturday, 05th of November, 22:30 - 23:50

Mike Godoroja&Blue Spirit 

 Blues Archeology

It’s a unique show that illustrates the vibrations of the period in which blues saw light for the first time, of the archaic and acoustic sound of the kazoo, the slide guitar and the voice. The huge legends of classical blues will come back to life even more up-to-date, more expressive and more sensitive than ever before. A concert that projects the public inside the story of BLUES. On stage, Mike Godoroja communicates an extremely personal emotion, as this is not merely a concert, but a concept-show. Mike doesn’t only sing the blues, he ”tells the story” in a script similar to one of a theatrical play, where every viewer becomes a character and music is a divine “instrument”. The band is the result of some extremely thorough team work combined with great passion and love for the Blues.

Mike Godoroja voice, kazoo, percussion; Luca Marius acoustic & electrical guitar, banjo, mandolin, dulcimer, bouzouki, slide; Alex Vişan acoustic & electrical guitar, mandolin, bouzouki; Sabin Ţăranu – bass, piano; Vali Vatuiu drums & percussion.


Lovers & Enemies 

Mihaela Kavdanska Dilmana Yordanova

Opening: 4 November, B5 Studio

It’s a never ending story about love and hate, money and power, about the rich and the poor, their intrigues and dramas. An interactive performance set in the public space, an ironic commentary of contemporary soap-operas.

PARTNER CONSILIUL JUDETEAN MURES Universitatea de Artă Teatrală Teatrul National Tîrgu-Mureş/Marosvásárhelyi Nemzeti Színház Balassi Institute Financed by CONSILIUL LOCAL TÎRGU-MURES MUNICIPIUL TÎRGU-MUREŞ Guvernul Romaniei Departamentul pentru Relatii Interetnice CNC Bethlen Gábor Alap Communitas Alapítvány Sponsors Leco Groupama Asigurari NetConf Phoneprest kaSound Transport Local Zander Team Carocomp Toyota Eurocar Trading Zooku-Myhost OSLI studio MEDIAPARTNER Filmtett Aarc Erdély TV Erdely FM Népújság Kiss FM Pontmaros Punctul Radio Tg. Mures Marosvásárhelyi Rádió GaGa KPTV Atlas FM