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Eszter Petrovics: ZOLTÁN KODÁLY – Hungary, 2019 – 90’

The starting point of the film is the first composer’s night of Kodály Zoltán, having taken place in 1910 in the banquet hall of the Royal Hotel (known as Corinthia today). This concert will be repeated 50 years after the author’s death, this is what our young musicians are preparing for, and this provides the young with a reason to immerse themselves into the past, into the years of childhood and young adulthood, and find out where Kodály came from, and what fateful – human and professional – experiences he had had that made the 28-year-old young man who was on his way (alongside Bartók) to rocking contemporary musical life to its foundations.

Cast: Fülöp Ránki, Gergely Devich

András Dér, Klára Muhi: THE CRAZY CIRCLES OF FREEDOM – Hungary, 2018 – 52’

The “loony bin” at Intapuszta used to be in the remote Batthyány castle, far from the capital. It was an uncommon anomaly in socialist times, a legendary institution of the 1960s and 1970s. Tolerated artists and anti-state aristocrats lived there alongside “ordinary patients”. Our film would like to reconstruct the Golden Age of Intapuszta based on archive materials and the stories of the inhabitants. We would like to approach and reconstitute the historical trauma of the denunciation paradox during the Kádár dictatorship, which not even this place could be an exception from.

Cast: Horváth K. Zsolt, Karinthy Márton, Géczi János, Csillag Zsuzsa, Heim György, Dr. Mesterházy Zsuzsa, Dr. Kiss Annamária, Dr. Draskóczy Magdolna, Dr. Süle Ferenc, Blága Gabriella, Bodnár Éva, Jakab György, Goldschmidt Liza

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