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Thursday – 3 November – Small Hall


O!PLA – THE FESTIVAL OF POLISH ANIMATION ( is a fully independent cultural project whose 4rd edition was held in 69 Polish cities.

O!PLA ACROSS THE BORDERS is a “cross-section program” of the entire contemporary Polish animation.

Magdalena Pilecka: I AM – 2014 –5”

Artur Marcol: MAGIC FOREST 2016 – 3’45”

Kamila & Mirek Sosnowscy: SEVEN 2015 – 06’23”

Tomasz Pawlak: JEW’S HARP 2015 – 12’29”

Maciej Przemysław Bednarek: I AM THE THIEF 2015 – 5’22”

Andrea Guizar: MOSAIC, THE WALTZ OF SPLEEN 2015 – 4’25”

Tomasz Pilarski: WHADDUP FISH! 2015 – 1’14”

Przemek Kotyński: THAT DAMN SUNDAY 2014 – 16’09”

Anna Nowicka: THE ART OF FLYING 2014 – 0’48”

Saturday – 5 November – Small Hall

Kamila & Mirek Sosnowscy: COLLECTOR 2015 – 7’09”

Mai Tran: SWEETS 2014 – 3’26”

Michał Soja: YESTERDAY’S RECORD 2015 – 5’

Maciej Żuk / Kamil Wójcik: HEY, HO AND THE UNEXPECTED ADVENTURE 2015 – 1’09”

Mikołaj Sęczawa: GLI.TCH 2014 – 3’34”

Michał Rychławski (STREFA 57): SURVIVE IN THE BIALOWIEZA FOREST 2015 – 2’29”

Monika Kuczyniecka: SCULPTURE OF THE DAY 2015 – 3’31”

Karolina Specht: DON'T LOSE YOUR HEAD 2015 – 4’

Michał Rychławski: LIFE 2015 – 1’34”

Bartosz Kędzierski / Krzysztof Opieka: WOOLEN COGWHEELS 2014 – 14’ 

Thursday 3 November Small Hall


Jack O’Shea: A COAT MADE DARK – Ireland 2015 9’56”

Two burglars strike it rich after breaking into a house and stealing a coat with pockets containing an impossible fortune. 

Dario Perez: PORTRAIT OF A WIND-UP MAKERSpain 2015 4’35”

Chema is an expat architect from Spain who lives in Amsterdam. He has built a new life there as a wind-up toy maker. He creates small pieces of art from recycled items.

Steve Bache, Mahyar Goudarzi, Louise Peter: EYE FOR AN EYE – Germany 2016 4’25”

Animated documentary about a murderer’s time on death row and the conflicts about his guilt and destiny.

Toby Fell Holden: BALCONY – UK 2015 17’

In a neighborhood rife with racial tension, a local girl falls for a recent immigrant who is the victim of prejudice and shame.

Anna Yanovskaya: GOODMAN – Russia 2014 16’

A police major imposes himself on the strange world of young people. But the situation gets out of his control…

Charlotte Scott-Wilson: HOLD ON – Netherlands 2015 21’45”

A young cellist has to overcome her fears to keep her position in an orchestra.

Dell’Edera Dávid: BALCONY – Hungary 2016 6’

It’s the middle of a hot day. There is complete silence in a residential district of a town. Some boys are playing ball in a yard…

Thursday 3 November Small Hall

Marcel Gisler: ELECTROBOY Switzerland, 2014

The story of a man who set out to conquer the world and learned to fear.

Friday – 4 November – University of Arts

15. Filmtett Workshop Films

Vácz Péter, Vezsenyi Tamás: SIGNAL – 1’

Vodál Vera, Ghyczy Dia, Kiss Melinda, Farkas Réka, Hortobágyi Tamás, Pellei Petra, Kántor Zsolt, Vácz Péter, Vezsenyi Tamás: ANIMATORS ARE WEIRD – 2’

Hortobágyi Tamás: HIDE AND SEEK – 3’

Pellei Petra: BOX – 2’

Benedek Szabolcs: FREEDOM HOTEL – 9’

Kiss Melinda, Farkas Réka: HEXAGONIA – 2’

Kántor Zsolt:  PROMETHEUS THE SHREW – 3’

Kemény Eszter:INSEPARABLE – 5’

Vodál Vera, Ghyczy Dia: TIBI AND ROBI – 4’

Király Anna:TIMI RETURNS HOME – 6’


Saturday – 5 November – Small Hall

Mispál Attila: IN A NET OF STARS – Hungary, 2015

Memories about János Pilinszky’s European Journeys 

Saturday – 5 November – Small Hall 

Muhi András Pires: 50 MORE MINUTES – Hungary, 2016

The documentary reveals the journey of the Hungarian national football team on their quest to qualify for the European Championship. The story is portrayed through a lens of honesty, and includes behind-the-scenes footage that has never been seen before.

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